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New Releases

Grigoryan Brothers
This Time

Nov 14 sees the release of ‘This Time' by Australia's most respected guitar duo, the Grigoryan Brothers. This, their 6th duo release highlights the brothers' astounding skills which are at the core of the critical acclaim they have achieved in Australia and on the international stage.

‘This Time' continues the journey the Grigoryan Brothers started with their 2009 release ‘Distance,' in that the repertoire and playing cannot be pigeonholed - how else can it be explained that ‘Distance' was reviewed as a ‘world-music' and ‘classical' release while being named by UK magazine Mojo as no. 2 in the top 10 ‘jazz' cds of 2010?

Slava and Leonard have a deep appreciation and understanding of a broad spectrum of musical styles. This has resulted in many collaborations involving music, both written and improvised.  Combine this with their classical training and the result is a unique sound incorporating all these influences.  It is not classical, not jazz, not is the Grigoryan Brothers.

‘This Time' was recorded in June 2014 in the iconic RainbowStudio by Jan Erik Kongshaug, who was responsible for many of the legendary recordings on the highly respected ECM label.  The clarity and presence of the recording is simply astounding.

The music for this project was written by a number of Slava and Leonard's friends from around the world. While these composers have disparate styles, it is the execution of the works by the Grigoryan Brothers which creates a cohesive and unifying outcome.


‘This Time' is a masterfully recorded album, with works by internationally acclaimed composers who have entrusted their creations into the worthy and welcoming hands of Slava & Leonard Grigoryan.



The Hunters & Pointers

Graeme Lyall
(alto saxophone) 

John Hoffman

Tony Gould (piano)

Ben Robertson (bass)

Tony Floyd (drums)


In 1991 five friends came together for a gig. The common bond was, and 23 years later still is, a mutual respect for each other’s musical abilities and the ongoing search for a good gag.

The Hunters & Pointers are a celebration of the depth of jazz lineage
in Australia.  With careers spanning five decades and biographies boasting collaborators from Ella Fitzgerald to Dave Brubeck, the group brings together the elite of Australian jazz. The Hunters & Pointers only performed four times, all at the Limerick Arms in South Melbourne in 1991, all of which were recorded. Now more than 2 decades later, a handful of pieces have been selected for release to present a snap-shot of what was, and what was to come.


These archival tapes have, like a fine wine, have been maturing in the darkness of a cupboard deep in the wilds of St Kilda for 23 years. Maintaining the bacchanalian metaphor, each component of this fine blend is a legend in the Australian jazz scene.


Listen to the energy, music and sheer joy – it has aged well and is ready for consumption!



Gian Slatergian-still_still_cover.jpg
Still Still

The release of Slater’s long awaited debut album from her trio represents her most intimate and personal project to date. A veritable “Family Band” featuring her brother Nathan Slater and partner Christopher Hale, Still Still is a subtle, powerful and deeply emotional suite of songs, setting Slater’s pure, distinctive voice alongside intricately arranged guitars.  Guest artist is the extraordinary Nashville-based violinist, Luke Moller, whose beautiful contributions add another layer of rich lyricism and complimentary embellishment.

Slater creates a world where the small details of life and relationships are made magical by loving observation and an eagerness to take lessons from every moment of a day. Whether reflecting on a bedtime conversation (Before Sleep), talking oneself down from feelings of panic (Hold your own hand), a self-directed pep talk on overcoming negativity and getting to work (Engines on) or an instant connection with a stranger (An hour ago), Slater’s songs paint every day scenes with uncommon insight and reveal the constant ebb and flow of self-reflection, self-criticism and self-acceptance.

Still Still is a poised, beautiful and exquisite offering in the midst of a frenetic world, a walled garden in the noisy city, a minute’s reflection in a busy day. Still Still reminds us that our quiet moments are not passive, empty pauses between emails and green traffic lights, or anxious New Age relaxation efforts. They are essential opportunities to notice the tiny details of life that, with love and attention to detail, can help us notice ourselves.


Leonard Grigoryan

Leonard Grigoryan is well-established in the Australian music scene. He has made his name as a collaborator at the highest levels of music making.

As its name implies, ‘Solo’ is Leonard’s first release focusing on his own performance and writing.

“I recorded ‘Solo’ at the legendary Rainbow Studio’s in Oslo,” says Leonard. ’It was truly a privilege to work in this amazing space but also with an engineer who was part of some of the greatest recordings in musical history. What seemed like a potentially daunting experience turned out to be exactly the opposite. I felt totally supported by, and at ease with the great Jan Erik Kongshaug. It was a calm and creatively satisfying experience.”

The CD features four pieces composed by Leonard:  'Sarabande and Gigue' are the first two solo pieces composed by Leonard. They are based on baroque forms and are influenced by the Bach Lute Suites.  'Blues for Ralph' is an homage to one of his all-time musical heroes Ralph Towner, while 'Possibly, Maybe' was inspired by the anticipation and excitement of going to Norway to record the album, juxtaposed by the uncertainty of what was to come.  Leonard has also recorded his favourite Ralph Towner piece, The Reluctant Bride: “For a classical guitarist, Towner’s work is a link to the world of improvisation.”

The remainder of the album is music from South America by Villa-Lobos, Barrios and Gnattali: “While maintaining a classical sensibility, South American music blends contemporary harmonies and rhythms in a way I find inspiring.”  




Luke Howard Trio
A Dove, A Li
on, A Coast, A Pirate


Recorded at Oslo’s RainbowStudio with legendary engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug, A Dove, A Lion, A Coast, A Pirate features works by both leader/pianist Luke Howard and bassist Jonathan Zion (Anton Delecca Quartet, Lior, Ian Moss). Joined by drummer Daniel Farrugia (Tin Pan Orange, Julia Stone, Magnolia), the trio’s minimalist aesthetic blends elements of improvised and popular music.

“The new disc is very reflective and introspective,” says Luke, “and the particular sound created by Jan Erik in this studio suits our music perfectly. The ambience of the piano is particularly beautiful and sparse”.

This recording has the unique qualities of clarity, warmth and refinement particular to so many of the classic European jazz releases on the ECM label of the past 40 years, many of which were recorded at RainbowStudio. These are the same qualities heard on Howard’s award-winning release Open Road (the track Spir won ‘Australian Jazz Song of the Year’ at the 2012 Bell Awards).

“The tunes were inspired by world events, infatuation and quiet places,” says Luke, “but they quickly take on a life and character of their own, beyond their starting point”. Luke and Jonathan’s compositions have the intangible quality of sounding immediately familiar. Their reflective and introspective nature belies a deeper harmonic structure.



Tony Gould & Peter Petrucci
The Journey Home


The Journey Home is a landmark album in the relationship between friends who are also two of Australia's finest musicians - pianist Tony Gould and guitarist Peter Petrucci.

Marking 25 years of musical collaboration, this stunning album of largely original compositions reflects the deep-seated admiration these two artists have for each other. 

Of this, their third duo album, Peter says: "Due to the mutual respect and empathy to the process of music making and each other, Tony and I have gone on yet another journey in the pursuit of creating something new and unique for us as performers and for the listener. Instinct plays a big part in capturing the spirit of spontaneous music-making. The end result I feel is less predictable and more personal in that we connect more with the soul of the music itself."

"We think this project has special significance for the focus on new original compositions, a number of which have 'orchestral' accompaniment via keyboard. The combination of piano and guitar has a few precedents, most notably the duo of the great Bill Evans and Jim Hall," adds Tony. "Both understood the issues of two 'chorded' instruments playing together, but not getting in each other's way. The way to do that is not to play unless it is important to the music; a lesson most of us learn only after having been around a while and realised that mere notes should never get in the way of good improvised composition."




Christopher Hale
Sylvan Coda

An unconventional, free-thinking virtuoso of the acoustic bass guitar, Christopher Hale is widely respected; “a remarkably talented and versatile young bassist [and] an enormously gifted composer and arranger” (The Age). After a long creative hiatus following the passing of his closest friend and musical collaborator, Will Poskitt, Hale returns with a new album, a powerful and poignant love letter to his dear friend. Sylvan Coda reaches deep into Hale’s formative years of immersion in Flamenco and Afro-Cuban music, and emerges as an album of exquisite poise and solemn, fearless originality. Featuring a 10-piece band of guitars, voices and percussion and produced with Lachlan Carrick (Gotye, Lior, The Drones) Sylvan Coda is an epic, widescreen vision: Cuban religious drums, Gian Slater’s angelic vocals, Flamenco brio and deep, insistent rock, saturated with technicolor emotion and hard-earned, heartbroken optimism.





Grigoryan Brothers
The Seasons



The Seasons, a twelve-movement composition written for solo piano by the iconic Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, has been arranged for two guitars by Slava and Leonard's father Edward Grigoryan. The new CD includes the complete The Seasons, with its movements characterising the twelve months of the year. These mini-melodic showpieces were written around the time Tchaikovsky was composing the ballet Swan Lake and were commissioned to be printed as monthly installments for readers of the music magazine Nouvellist in 1876.









Joe Chindamo & Zoe Black - 'Reimaginings'



Joe Chindamo is an internationally acclaimed pianist, composer and arranger while Zoe Black is one of the leading classical violinists of her generation. Their collaboration on Reimaginings is a beautiful collision of musical styles resulting in a new genre that defies definition. The result is the product of two artists creating a musical dialogue with a combined language. It is tempestuous, passionate, romantic and full of surprises - largely the re-invention of works by the great classical masters such as Bach, Mozart and Chopin. These tracks sit comfortably alongside the country classic Jolene and two Chindamo originals including Zoe, which Joe wrote for his partner.




gassin_cover_low_res.jpgDaniel Gassin Sextet





Australian born of French and American parents, Daniel Gassin has a unique cultural heritage, the influences of which can readily be heard in his sextet's debut album.  The first thing that strikes the listener about this self-titled first release is the energy. Whilst it was recorded in the oft-sterile surrounds of a studio, it has the freshness and drive usually reserved for ‘live’ recordings.  The ensemble playing is tight and powerful and gives voice to the compositional skills of the leader








Lopenroad_front_max.jpguke Howard & Janos Bruneel - 'Open Road'




Recorded in Oslo's iconic RainbowStudio, Open Road is a cross-cultural project between pianist Luke Howard (Australia) & bassist Janos Bruneel (Belgium). Luke and Janos exemplify the new breed of jazz performers/composers embracing creativity and technical maturity from an early age.  

This achingly beautiful performance is enhanced by the astounding quality of the recording - Howard's subtle and delicate touch is wrapped in the embrace of Bruneel's bass.  Every minute nuance is evident.




cover.jpg magazine MOJO
names Grigoryan
Brother's 'Distance' no. 2 in
top 10 jazz releases for 2010.