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Dhafer Youssef, Wolfgang Muthspiel

Sand Dance - Dhafer Youssef, Wolfgang Muthspiel

Glow is the collaboration between Austrian guitarist/composer Wolfgang Muthspiel and the brilliant French-based Tunisian oud player & singer Dhafer Youssef.


While Youssef and Muthspiel create music that sounds deeply rooted in ancestral Sufi laments that would send Womad audiences into raptures, they constantly pull apart, embroider and re-stitch the form of each piece. The music spans the tightrope between the ancient and the present, the familiar and the unknown, fearlessly stepping into the void and filling it with sublime sounds and colours.

‘Glow’ is a duo album, and yet it isn’t, as both protagonists enter into direct and virtual dialogue with a number of guests. ‘Glow’ is also a live album, and yet it isn’t. All the pieces are based on improvisations and real-time sequences, which have, however, undergone multiple metamorphoses in the studio.

Dhafer Youssef – oud, voice 

Wolfgang Muthspiel – guitars, violin, programming, 

fender rhodes guitar
Tom Harrell – trumpet, flugelhorn 
Alegre Correa – drums & percussion 
Matthias Pichler – double bass 
Rebekka Bakken – voice

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