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Joe Chindamo, Zoë Black

Prelude in E Minor - Joe Chindamo, Zoë Black

Joe Chindamo – piano
Zoë Black – violin

Joe Chindamo is an internationally acclaimed pianist, composer and arranger while Zoe Black is one of the leading classical violinists of her generation.


Their collaboration on Reimaginings is a beautiful collision of musical styles resulting in a new genre that defies definition. The result is the product of two artists creating a musical dialogue with a combined language. It is tempestuous, passionate, romantic and full of surprises – largely the re-invention of works by the great classical masters such as Bach, Mozart and Chopin. These tracks sit comfortably alongside the country classic 'Jolene' and two Chindamo originals (including Zoë, which Joe wrote for his partner).  

"Reimaginings marks a significant departure from my previous work in that two thirds of the piano parts are completely composed, and as such, the project's aesthetic has much more in common with classical music than with music of an improvisatory nature" says Joe.


"However, unlike a strictly classical recording where the performers are required to perform either established repertoire or works which have been especially commissioned for them, all the muisic except for Copland's 'Nocturne' is new in some sense or another."


Recording Reimaginings with Joe has given Zoë a sense of freedom in her performance that comes rarely for those that play on the classical stage: "For the first time I felt at liberty to create a sound that comes purely from within, my very essence in every musical breath. The boundaries between 'jazz' and 'classical' have never been less apparent than on this recording" says Zoë.

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