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Still Still 

Gian Slater

Before Sleep - Gian Slater

Gian Slater – voice

Christopher Hale – semi-acoustic bass guitar

Nathan Slater – classical guitar

Luke Moller – violin

Gian Slater is one of those rare artists who can be both relentlessly prolific and committed to pushing their art into new spaces with every new release and project.


The release of Slater’s long awaited debut album from her trio represents her most intimate and personal project to date. A veritable “Family Band” featuring her brother Nathan Slater and partner Christopher Hale, Still Still is a subtle, powerful and deeply emotional suite of songs, setting Slater’s pure, distinctive voice alongside intricately arranged guitars.  Guest artist is the extraordinary Nashville-based violinist, Luke Moller, whose beautiful contributions add another layer of rich lyricism and complimentary embellishment.


Slater creates a world where the small details of life and relationships are made magical by loving observation and an eagerness to take lessons from every moment of a day. Whether reflecting on a bedtime conversation (Before Sleep), talking oneself down from feelings of panic (Hold your own hand), a self-directed pep talk on overcoming negativity and getting to work (Engines on) or an instant connection with a stranger (An hour ago), Slater’s songs paint every day scenes with uncommon insight and reveal the constant ebb and flow of self-reflection, self-criticism and self-acceptance.

Still Still is a poised, beautiful and exquisite offering in the midst of a frenetic world, a walled garden in the noisy city, a minute’s reflection in a busy day. Still Still reminds us that our quiet moments are not passive, empty pauses between emails and green traffic lights, or anxious New Age relaxation efforts. They are essential opportunities to notice the tiny details of life that, with love and attention to detail, can help us notice ourselves.

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