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Sylvan Coda

Christopher Hale

Skúli - Christopher Hale

An unconventional, free-thinking virtuoso of the acoustic bass guitar, Christopher Hale is widely respected; “a remarkably talented and versatile young bassist [and] an enormously gifted composer and arranger” (The Age).


After a long creative hiatus following the passing of his closest friend and musical collaborator, Will Poskitt, Hale returns with a new album, a powerful and poignant love letter to his dear friend.


Sylvan Coda reaches deep into Hale’s formative years of immersion in Flamenco and Afro-Cuban music, and emerges as an album of exquisite poise and solemn, fearless originality.


Featuring a 10-piece band of guitars, voices and percussion and produced with Lachlan Carrick (Gotye, Lior, The Drones) Sylvan Coda is an epic, widescreen vision: Cuban religious drums, Gian Slater’s angelic vocals, Flamenco brio and deep, insistent rock, saturated with technicolor emotion and hard-earned, heartbroken optimism.  

Christopher Hale – six-string semi-acoustic bass guitar, percussion, electric guitar

Gian Slater – voice, rhodes, megaphone, textural percussion

Nathan Slater – nylon string guitar

Julian Banks – tenor saxophone

Ben Vanderwal – drums

Javier Fredes – congas, bata, cajon

Denis Close – snare drums, caxixis, repinique

Johnny Tedesco – cajon, palmas 
Richard Tedesco – frame drums, palmas 
Lachlan Carrick – effects, textural percussion

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