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The Hunters & Pointers

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face - The Hunters & Pointers

Graeme Lyall – alto saxophone

John Hoffman – trumpet, flugelhorn

Tony Gould – piano

Ben Robertson – double bass

Tony Floyd – drums

George Polyhronakos – drums

In 1991 five friends came together for a gig. The common bond was, and 23 years later still is, a mutual respect for each other’s musical abilities and the ongoing search for a good gag.

The Hunters & Pointers are a celebration of the depth of jazz lineage in Australia.  With careers spanning five decades and biographies boasting collaborators from Ella Fitzgerald to Dave Brubeck, the group brings together the elite of Australian jazz. The Hunters & Pointers only performed four times, all at the Limerick Arms in South Melbourne in 1991, all of which were recorded. Now more than 2 decades later, a handful of pieces have been selected for release to present a snap-shot of what was, and what was to come. 


These archival tapes have, like a fine wine, have been maturing in the darkness of a cupboard deep in the wilds of St Kilda for 23 years. Maintaining the bacchanalian metaphor, each component of this fine blend is a legend in the Australian jazz scene. 


Listen to the energy, music and sheer joy – it has aged well and is ready for consumption!

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