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The Journey Home

Tony Gould, Peter Petrucci

The View From Here - Tony Gould, Peter Petrucci

Tony Gould – piano, synth strings

Peter Petrucci – guitars

The Journey Home is a landmark album in the relationship between friends who are also two of Australia's finest musicians - pianist Tony Gould and guitarist Peter Petrucci.

Marking 25 years of musical collaboration, this stunning album of largely original compositions reflects the deep-seated admiration these two artists have for each other. 


Of this, their third duo album, Peter says: "Due to the mutual respect and empathy to the process of music making and each other, Tony and I have gone on yet another journey in the pursuit of creating something new and unique for us as performers and for the listener." "Instinct plays a big part in capturing the spirit of spontaneous music-making," adds Peter. "The end result I feel is less predictable and more personal in that we connect more with the soul of the music itself."  

"We think this project has special significance for the focus on new original compositions, a number of which have 'orchestral' accompaniment via keyboard," says Tony. 

"The combination of piano and guitar has a few precedents, most notably the duo of the great Bill Evans and Jim Hall," adds Tony. "Both understood the issues of two 'chorded' instruments playing together, but not getting in each other's way. The way to do that is not to play unless it is important to the music; a lesson most of us learn only after having been around a while and realised that mere notes should never get in the way of good improvised composition."

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