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The Seasons 

Grigoryan Brothers

August - Grigoryan Brothers

Slava Grigoryan – classical guitar

Leonard Grigoryan – classical guitar

The Seasons, a twelve-movement composition written for solo piano by the iconic Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, has been arranged for two guitars by Slava and Leonard's father Edward Grigoryan.


“For many years Slava and I have wanted to breathe new life into classical guitar repertoire,” says Leonard. “While in the past we’ve performed Spanish and French piano compositions that have been transcribed for two guitars, this arrangement of The Seasons is quite unique.”


“This guitar transition is a rare occurrence with Russian piano music, so I think when people hear this we might see it happening more and more,” adds Slava. “Dad’s arrangement is nothing short of stunning, retaining what makes it a masterpiece, while presenting it in a totally different setting and giving it a new voice.”


The new CD includes the complete work, with its movements characterising the twelve months of the year. These mini-melodic showpieces were written around the time Tchaikovsky was composing the ballet Swan Lake and were commissioned to be printed as monthly installments for readers of the music magazine Nouvellist in 1876.

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