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This Way Out 

Peter Petrucci

This Way Out - Peter Petrucci

Peter Petrucci – guitars

Sam Anning – double bass

David Jones – drums

Jamie Oehlers – saxophone

This new offering explores the twists and turns of highly personal compositions by guitarist Peter Petrucci. With Sam Anning (bass), David Jones (drums) and Jamie Oehlers (saxophone), the mood shifts – brightly, darkly, subtly, yet always with a firm purpose.


“You need to have innovative musicians with a strong resonance and connection to time and rhythmic variation. When you add 'heart' to this process you invite all involved to share in one continuous wave of self-expression.” – Peter Petrucci

The listener is most assuredly involved in this process, as one of the most important invitees in the equation. Enjoy the synergy as these players contribute equally: Sam Anning's musical, rock-solid bass, David Jones' masterful, right-where-it-should-be drumming, Jamie Oehlers' beautiful saxophone, both tender and tough, and Peter Petrucci's fluid, gorgeous guitar.

Throughout the CD, the feeling of space is there – sometimes more open, sometimes more confined. The contrasts are there as well, from the late-night 'Midnight Mourning' and the smooth ballad feel of 'Soul Illusions' to the energetic, searching title track and Peter's beautifully-crafted guitar solo on 'James'. 

Contrasts and balance – if the contrasts are well thought out, and played by artists of this stature, the balance is assured, and the result is a supremely enjoyable musical experience.

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